Exciting New Developments

This months feature

In this issue we continue to feature some of South Florida's latest new home communities. The excitement level continues to increase for new properties and we are featuring a variety of locations and product types.

We are seeing a broad spectrum of purchasers for these properties. Some of them offer a great opportunity for a local buyer to purchase their first home through some very favorable financing programs that Developers are able to offer which are not available on a resale property.

Another stream of purchasers that we are continuing to see are international clients. They continue to drive the South Florida housing market. This customer is very in tune with the most desirable locations (close to major work areas, schools, etc), much like a local buyer would be.

In addition, this buyer also considers the investment potential that a new construction community can offer. For example, if they are purchasing in a New Community at the pre-construction stage of development, they are able to get the first level of pricing available. If you are looking at a community with hundreds of homes to be built over the next few years, they may be able to realize significant appreciation as the development of the community progresses. They are also able to choose from some of the best locations within the community. Its the proverbial "the early bird gets the worm" scenario.

We hope you continue to benefit from the information we are providing you. Interinvestments Realty has always felt that new home construction is a big part of South Florida's economic success. We feel strongly that the tide has turned back to the days when New Home sales and construction spurred the economic growth in South Florida.

We look forward to hearing your feedback on this edition.


Emilio Jose Cardenal
Interinvestments Realty