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Welcome to Interinvestments Realty® Commercial and Investments Division!

It’s well known, that dealing with Commercial Real Estate demands special knowledge, experience and creativity. The ability to advertise and promote the properties in the proper media is essential, but the most important asset is having the access to good business’ contacts and to an extensive databases of properties where to choose.

More than twenty five years in the Florida’s Commercial arena will endorse Interinvestments Realty®. Let our experience and business’ relationship work for you!

If you’re interested in buying, selling, leasing or marketing Apartments Buildings, Office Buildings, Warehouses, Retail Properties, Shopping Centers, Hotels and Land Acquisitions, Interinvestments Realty® Commercial Division will thoroughly assist you in every way…

No matter if you’re a small local company with just simple requirements or a National or International firm with a large portfolio of properties, which demands complex transactional needs, Interinvestments Realty® will be your best allied!

Looking for Commercial Investments properties or just a good deal securing Commercial leasing space, Interinvestments Realty® is your solution!

Whether your need in Florida’s Commercial Real Estate, Interinvestments Realty® will guarantee you the maximum satisfaction in all your dealings!


Industrial Properties encompass a diverse variety of property uses, such as, manufacturing, processing, storing, transportation, research and development, and warehousing, which in most cases has some office space. (Flex) properties may allow for more flexibility in the use of space. Interinvestments Realty® will assist you in your needs, such as, location, labor force, markets, zoning, logistics, and space planning. We also can help you choose from small condo-warehouses to large industrial and distribution facilities. If you prefer Built-to-Suit or built your own facility we can also assist you.


Interinvestments Realty® can also assist you when purchasing and selling any Shopping Center from a Regional Center with major anchor tenants to a Strip Commercial Center. We will analyze location, demographics, effectiveness of management, parking availability, occupancy level, stability and area growth patterns. We can also help you to lease retail space for any business in Florida’s best locations.


The most important rule in any kind of investments is the bigger the reward you are seeking, the bigger the risk you’re taking. Income producing Real Estate is a form of investment in which sensible expectations are appropriate. It has predictable rewards and controllable risks. Any decision should be based on a careful analysis of expected income and expenses. As no all markets are alike, we will help our investors to concentrate on areas with solid value, where long-range appreciation can be reasonable predicted. Interinvestments Realty® also will assist you when purchasing or selling of any apartment building ranging from garden style or walk-up building to a mid-rise or high rise apartment building.


Interinvestments Realty® can guide you in locating development opportunities within the competitive Florida’s market, in which, land is a diminishing commodity that is becoming more valuable every day. Interinvestments Realty® can also assist you to acquire, re-design, renovate and return urban properties to the market as affordable multifamily housing, or mixed with retail and commercial uses.


If you’re interested in purchasing or selling a hotel in the State of Florida, Interinvestments Realty® will assist you. There are specific areas, such as: South Beach, Miami Beach, particularly in the Art Deco district that are very coveted. Miami also experienced a rebirth of the Downtown/Brickell area where new urbanism is taking hold. We can offer you a great variety of properties in the most seek after areas in South Florida.

Let us help you buy or sell your Commercial property

Let our experience and business’ relationships work for you. If you are interested in purchasing “new construction,” our long lasting relationship with the major developers and custom builders will be key in helping you discover the best opportunities in today’s marketplace. In addition, through the memberships and affiliations to numerous Boards of Realtors® in the State, we have access to the most comprehensive databases of Commercial properties available on the market.

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