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North Lauderdale Real Estate

Below are all the communities and properties available in or around the North Lauderdale area.

Development Type Price Range Comments
Ambassador Condo(s) Town home(s)    $1,700.00 - $129,900.00 NA
Bay Tree Patio Homes Condo(s) Town home(s)    $140,000.00 - $145,000.00 NA
Belmont Condo(s) Town home(s)    $1,500.00 - $197,000.00 NA
Broadview Country Single family home(s) $197,000.00 - $238,000.00 NA
Courtyards Condo(s) Town home(s)    $1,100.00 - $119,000.00 NA
Cross Briar Condo(s) Town home(s)    $1,400.00 - $147,000.00 NA
Eaton at Hamptons Condo(s) Town home(s)    $139,900.00 - $139,900.00 NA
Lauderdale North Single family home(s) $234,900.00 - $279,900.00 NA
North Lauderdale Condo(s) Town home(s)    Single family home(s) $2,100.00 - $380,000.00 NA
Oakbrook Condo(s) Town home(s)    $1,150.00 - $1,150.00 NA
Players Place Condo(s) Town home(s)    $208,000.00 - $208,000.00 NA
Pompano Park Single family home(s) $219,000.00 - $219,000.00 NA


North Lauderdale Real Estate Website

The city of North Lauderdale incorporated in 1963, encompasses an area of five square miles in Broward County, Florida, just south of Coral Springs, with a population of 41,000. North Lauderdale offers excellent schools and proudly boasts the nation’s first municipal Charter High School. The city also provides extensive recreation facilities, prominent businesses, and a variety of shopping and dining.

About a third of the housing in North Lauderdale is multifamily, including duplexes, triplexes, condos and townhomes. According to the census, 63.7 percent of homes in North Lauderdale are owner occupied and several new residential developments have been built recently.

Let us help you find the home of your dreams in North Lauderdale. We have a direct relationship with the major builders to offer you the best prices, but if you can’t wait for the pre-construction process, we have a comprehensive listing of houses, apartments, condos and townhomes available in the market.

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