Coconut Grove Real Estate

Below are all the communities and properties available in or around the Coconut Grove area.

Development Type Price Range Comments
Cloisters On The Bay Condo(s) Town home(s)    $2,195,000.00 - $3,200,000.00 NA
Coconut Grove Single family home(s) $1,599,000.00 - $1,745,000.00 NA
Ewan Peacock Single family home(s) $649,000.00 - $649,000.00 NA
Glencoe Single family home(s) $1,949,000.00 - $1,949,000.00 NA
Grove Garden Condo(s) Town home(s)    $699,900.00 - $730,000.00 NA
Grove Isle Condo(s) Town home(s)    $425,000.00 - $1,700,000.00 NA
Grovenor House Condo(s) Town home(s)    $3,999,000.00 - $3,999,000.00 NA
Natoma Single family home(s) $690,000.00 - $719,000.00 NA
Pinecrest Manor Single family home(s) $795,000.00 - $1,200,000.00 NA
The Moorings Single family home(s) $2,370,000.00 - $2,370,000.00 NA
Utopia Single family home(s) $2,270,000.00 - $3,799,999.00 NA


Coconut Grove Real Estate Website

Coconut Grove has been dubbed a “village with a rhythm all its own.” Coconut Grove’s variety and originality are reflected in the dining choices offered by its eateries and in the jazz, salsa and reggae heard in its funky neighborhood bars. The waterfront parks of Coconut Grove offer some of the best vantage points for watching manatees and sailboats, while specialty Coconut Grove stores sell an exhilarating range of merchandise.

Coconut Grove may have changed since its days as a bohemian village populated by artists, but its zany charm and energy are as potent as ever. Located on Biscayne Bay just ten minutes south of downtown Miami, The Grove is unlike any other neighborhood in South Florida. Coconut Grove is known in the real estate world for its luxury homes, villas, condos and lofts on privileged locations that only this village can offer.

Let us help you find the home of your dreams in Coconut Grove. We have a direct relationship with the major builders to offer you the best prices, but if you can’t wait for the pre-construction process, we have a comprehensive listing of houses, apartments, condos and townhomes available in the market.

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