Davie Real Estate

Below are all the communities and properties available in or around the Davie area.

Development Type Price Range Comments
Alpine Woods Condo(s) Town home(s)    $225,000.00 - $225,000.00 NA
Arista Park Condo(s) Town home(s)    $214,000.00 - $214,000.00 NA
Arrowhead Condo(s) Town home(s)    Single family home(s) $122,500.00 - $237,000.00 NA
Arrowhead Golf & Tennis Condo(s) Town home(s)    Single family home(s) $180,000.00 - $225,000.00 NA
Brentwood Condo(s) Town home(s)    $159,000.00 - $159,000.00 NA
Crystal Grove Estates Single family home(s) $1,059,999.00 - $1,059,999.00 NA
Da silva Single family home(s) $925,000.00 - $925,000.00 NA
Davie Condo(s) Town home(s)    Single family home(s) $136,000.00 - $869,000.00 NA
Davie Little Ranches Single family home(s) $245,000.00 - $245,000.00 NA
Del mar Single family home(s) $340,000.00 - $340,000.00 NA
Emerald Springs Single family home(s) $674,990.00 - $674,990.00 NA
Evergreen Condo(s) Town home(s)    $89,900.00 - $119,000.00 NA
Forest Ridge Single family home(s) $299,900.00 - $605,000.00 NA
Gardens Condo(s) Town home(s)    $133,500.00 - $161,000.00 NA
Grove Creek Single family home(s) $1,225,000.00 - $1,299,000.00 NA
Harmony Lakes Condo(s) Town home(s)    $267,900.00 - $339,900.00 NA
Harvest Condo(s) Town home(s)    $169,000.00 - $169,000.00 NA
Hiatus Ranchettes Single family home(s) $775,000.00 - $775,000.00 NA
Imagination Farms Single family home(s) $689,000.00 - $1,099,000.00 NA
Kapok Grove Single family home(s) $1,599,000.00 - $1,599,000.00 NA
Nova Condo(s) Town home(s)    $109,000.00 - $278,000.00 NA
Rolling Hills Condo(s) Town home(s)    Single family home(s) $155,000.00 - $615,000.00 NA
University Condo(s) Town home(s)    $175,900.00 - $220,000.00 NA
Whitehall Condo(s) Town home(s)    $169,999.00 - $199,500.00 NA


Davie Real Estate Website

Davie is a town in Broward County, Florida. Davie was founded by a group of settlers composed of workers from the Panama Canal Zone and that’s why the original name of the town was “Zona”. Randolph P. Davie, a developer, bought about 27,000 acres in the area and the town name was changed to Davie. It was carved out of Everglades land that was mostly under water.

Davie has always had a reputation as a “Western” town. It boasts a huge horse owning population and once was home to many herds of cattle. Davie, a family-oriented and diverse community of over 80,000 that retains its hometown feeling, is a unique jewel in central Broward County that treasures its environment, rural and equestrian lifestyle. Davie is also home of several nationally known colleges, technical institutes, and universities.

Let us help you find the home of your dreams in Davie. We have a direct relationship with the major builders to offer you the best prices, but if you can’t wait for the pre-construction process, we have a comprehensive listing of houses, apartments, condos and townhomes available in the market.

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