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For more than 100 years, Delray Beach has grown and prospered. A small group of Michigan settlers, led by William Linton and David Swinton began settling in the area in 1894. Inspired by the natural riches of the area, they tilled the land and grew crops year round. The environment also provided them with plenty of fresh fish, crab and lobster from the ocean. In 1901 the area was named Delray, a Spanish derivative meaning “of the king”. When the railroad system built by Henry Flagler expanded from West Palm Beach to Miami, farmers began exporting their harvest of pineapples, tomatoes, peppers, beans and other fruits and vegetables. By 1925 the town was booming with tourist trade and a healthy, self-supporting economy. The same is true today. The very reasons people came to in 1894 are the same reasons Delray Beach is such a nice place to live and grow today.

With a population of 60,020, according to the 2000 census, Delray Beach has grown from a farming community into a bustling city known for its unique architecture and thriving downtown. New developments in Delray Beach include lovely apartments and condos, spacious townhomes and luxury homes overlooking spectacular golf courses.

Let us help you find the home of your dreams in Delray Beach. We have a direct relationship with the major builders to offer you the best prices, but if you can’t wait for the pre-construction process, we have a comprehensive listing of houses, apartments, condos and townhomes available in the market.

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