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Looking to Buy or Sell a property in South Florida? Whether you are a first time homebuyer or a savvy investor, our Realtor®-Associates have been professionally trained at all levels to help you achieve your goals!

Our goal is to make your purchase a smooth and effortless process. We work hard to gain your confidence and develop a continued business relationship to earn your referrals.

Buying a Property

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Our History

Our Broker, Emilio Jose Cardenal is a second generation Real Estate Company owner. The Cardenal Family started in the Real Estate Business in Miami in 1979, specializing in Property Management and New Development Sales. Emilio Jr. expanded the sales department for his Family's Company and renamed it Interinvestments Realty® in 1992.

Interinvestments Realty® has promoted the sales for many of Florida's largest Developers, assisting them in the marketing of their properties internationally. Currently Interinvestments Realty® is represented by over 300 Realtor®-Associates and International Affiliates, and has sold over 1 billion dollars in residential properties to clients from over 25 different countries.

"Our Company's success is attributed to our Managers' ability to train, guide and work with our Realtor®-Associates so they can achieve their goals. As a company we understand and respect the core principles of Real Estate Brokerage and have a true passion for Internet marketing and sales. This unique blend of old school real estate, with today's technology advancements has enabled us to create a new efficient platform for our Realtor®-Associates to learn, work and develop in their profession. There is no substitute for good training and management support. Our goals are to build a strong foundation in our Realtor®-Associates, so they can represent our firm with the highest level of professionalism, service, and integrity in the years to come." - Emilio Jose Cardenal, President/Broker.

Management Team

Emilio Jose Cardenal, President/Broker

Residential:Emilio Cardenal, CEO - Broker

Commercial: Javier Cardenal, Director

Listings: Fabricio Duarte, Listing Manager

Business Opportunity: Jhanayra Manzano, Manager

Property Management: Regina Cardenal, Manager

Internet Marketing: Richard Novak, Internet Sales

National Brokers Network: Marc Alpert, Manager

International Affiliate Broker Network: Mike Haddad, Manager

Portfolio of Properties


  • New Developments
  • Resales
  • Foreclosures (REO)
  • Short Sales


  • Office Buildings
  • Shopping Centers and Retail Properties
  • Industrial Properties
  • Multifamily
  • Hotels & Hospitality
Now is the Time to buy in South Florida!

Interinvestments Realty® wants to invite you to discover South Florida’s premiere residential communities. Right now, South Florida is offering a combination of luxury lifestyle and attractive pricing, the likes of which have not been seen in many years.

Our company assists domestic and international homebuyers make their purchasing experience an effortless and enjoyable process. Now is the right the moment… There has not been a better time to buy a property in South Florida!

Contact Interinvestments Realty® today, so we can begin to assist you in evaluating the vast array of properties available in today’s market. BUT, don’t wait too long! Low prices have stimulated tremendous buying activity and the better options are selling fast.

The Buyer Advantage

Our Realtor®-Associates, some of which have over 20 years of experience in residential, commercial and business opportunity transactions are tops in their field. In Florida, its standard business practice, for the Seller to pay for the brokerage commission on a real estate transaction. The Buyer has the opportunity to select a Broker at no additional cost. This provides you the opportunity to work with a highly trained Realtor®-Associate from Interinvestments Realty® at “no cost” to you!

10 Steps in Buying a Property
  1. Selecting your property
  2. Making your offer
  3. Negotiating a mutually agreed price
  4. Entering into a contract
  5. Applying for financing (if applicable)
  6. Submit application for the Association approval (if applicable)
  7. Ordering your inspections
  8. Title search & preparation
  9. Conduct your walk-thru
  10. Go to closing!
Buyer Tools
  • Multi-language State of the Art Website
  • Mobile site
  • Free CMA
  • Instant Monitoring Service
  • E-Document Storage
Free Comparable Market Analysis

When you are looking at a property one of the best ways to know if the property you are interested in purchasing is priced correctly, is to request an in-depth Comparable Market Analysis.

Our Realtor®-Associates have at their disposal all the information you need to make an informed buying decision in today’s market.

Key components of a CMA:

  • Price of comparable homes currently on the market
  • Length of time that these homes have been on the market
  • Closed sales of comparable homes
  • Days on the market prior to closing
Instant Monitoring Service

Much like placing an alert on a particular stock which you may be interested in, Our Realtor®-Associates can also monitor a particular community. After you have visited the different South Florida communities, and you have decided which one is best suited for you, we can place an alert to inform you when a property has been placed on the market that meets your specifications as far as location, size, price, etc. This information will allow you to act quickly and see the property before others.

E-Document Storage Facility

Through the years, we discovered that many of our clients would misplace their closing documents, such as Title Insurance, Warranty Deed, etc. With that in mind, we created the E-Document Storage Facility. This service is designed to help our clients keep all their important closing documents electronically stored. Our clients can also upload additional documents such as receipts for improvements or work done to the property, which may be extremely beneficial when they file their tax returns.

Foreign Buyer Services

One of the market segments that has changed the most over the years is the Foreign Buyer market. It is more important than ever for Foreign Buyers to have an awareness of Tax implications, Immigration Law, etc., as it relates to buying, selling or owning property in the United States.

In the past 20 years, we have specialized in servicing Foreign Buyers. We have been able to assist them in purchasing and selling properties in Florida by providing the guidance and recommendations they need through our network of professionals (international tax attorney, accountants, immigration lawyers, etc.).

A key component of a Foreign Buyers purchase is the management of that property. Who will take care of their property? when they are not in town. We have in-house property management services through Royalty Concierge, one of the premiere private property management companies in South Florida. Providing “worry free” ownership has taken away the primary concern of most Foreign Buyers.

Our Company Success

Success is a relative term. The meaning differs with individuals as well as organizations. We view success as a journey, a challenge to change, to grow and to achieve! To go far beyond the monetary results!

Success to us is being part of something that is achieving superior results, being an integral part of a family, team or organization that is accomplishing great things!

There is a feeling of vitality and energy in Interinvestments Realty® that will provide for each of us an opportunity to change, to grow and to achieve.