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Our Affiliate Broker Referral Network


A valuable part of Interinvestments Realty® marketing program is our network of national and international Brokers, which is an extension of our exclusive Affiliate Broker Referral Network. The ABRN currently consists of affiliates from over 20 different countries, and 120 international members.

Referrals are a sizeable part of today’s real estate business and we fully recognize the opportunities available through a referral system.

In its original conception, referrals were procured by previous customers, friends and from Brokers who couldn’t effectively service a client in their local market area. But today real estate is no longer limited to local areas. The axiomatic idea held by most real estate practitioners that “all real estate is local,” has a caveat, the world is now one big market, and its globalization extends to real estate as well.

Our Affiliate Broker Referral Network works as bridge which crosses over regional, national and international boundaries. It is an excellent way for any Foreign Broker to have access to Florida’s housing market. It gives our affiliates the ability to showcase Florida’s premiere properties as part of their selling portfolio and to be able to receive a substantial commission as a referral fee.

Foreign Buyers in Today's South Florida Market


South Florida real estate market, at a glance*:

  • Around 60% of all buyers of existing-homes and condos are foreigners.
  • 90% of new construction buyers are from out of the country.
  • One-in-four foreign buyers who purchase real estate in the U.S buy in Florida.
  • 31% of foreign buyers prefer Florida (1st place); compared to California 12% (2nd place) and Texas 9% (3rd place).
  • Sao Paolo, Caracas, Mexico city, Toronto; buyers from those specific cities have been driving Miami’s residential market.
  • 17% of Florida’s foreign buyer bought in the Miami-Fort Lauderdale area.
  • The national level of international sales is 3% compare to Florida’s 25%.
  • Nearly all sales to international buyers do not require financing.
  • Foreign buyers upper-homes-median price range is approximately $174,700.
  • South Florida condo market continues to be driven by Venezuelan, Argentinean and Brazilian buyers.
  • The demand for U.S. homes from foreigners in South Florida is different from the overall U.S. Market. Real estate domestic market drivers- jobs, consumer confidence, family formation, and economic growth-have had a major impact on existing-home sales in domestic transactions. International sales of U.S. homes to foreigners, however have different market drivers- perception of value relative to foreign comps [comparable value] the desire in the diversification of assets, potential vacation uses, rental opportunities and an interest in placing assets in areas well-defined with secure property rights.
  • Total residential sales in Florida for 2010 were estimated at approximately $48.8 Billion and sales to foreigners were estimated at $12.7 Billion.
  • 25% of total Florida residential sales are estimated to have been to foreigners in the 12 month period ending June 2011.

*As reported by the National Association of Realtors® on 2011.

Become an Affiliate Broker


$250,000.00 x 5% commission x 25% Referral Fee = $3,125.00


Average Sales $250,000.00 $250,000.00 $250,000.00
Average Referral Fee $3,125.00 $3,125.00 $3,125.00
Net Per Month $9,375.00 $12,500.00 $15,625.00
Per Year $112,500.00 $150,000.00 $187,500.00

Our Affiliate Brokers have access to the highest commissions in the industry!

The chart breakdown is based on a 5% sales commission ( 5% is the average sales commission in New Home Industry) for projected number of sales. The total referral fees an Affiliate Broker can earn totally depends on the individual Affiliate’s success.


Interinvestments Realty Connects You To The World
Expand you reach with global network. Our business relationships internationally will help you access more Buyers interested in investing in South Florida.
Affiliate Broker Referral Network Video
A valuable part of Interinvestments Realty® marketing program is our network of national and international Brokers, which is an extension of our exclusive Affiliate Broker Referral Network. The ABRN currently consists of affiliates from over 20 different countries, and 120 international members.
Interinvestments Realty - Nuestra Red de Corredores Internacionales
Una parte valiosa del programa de promoción de Interinvestments Realty® es nuestra red de corredores nacionales e internacionales, la cual es una extensión de nuestra exclusiva Red de Referencia de Brokers afiliados. El ABRN se compone actualmente de afiliados de más de 20 países diferentes, y 120 miembros internacionales.
Canadians enjoy purchasing real estate in Hollywood, Hallandale, and Sunny Isles
My canadians are buying more real estate in South Florida primarily due to the low prices. Some of the locations that they have prefered are Ft. Lauderdale, Hallandale, Hollywood and Sunny Isles Beach.
The Realtors that Work for You!
Looking for a Realtor that can help you Buy or Sell your home? Interinvestments Realty is the right choice to assist you in your next real estate transaction, our Realtor Associates are among the best in the real estate industry. Come and talk to us, we have Real Estate Agents that speak your language. Tel. 305-220-1101 or visit our website:
Alianza en Valencia Venezuela con Interinvestments
Corredor en Valencia, Venezuela, Julian Quezada se une a la Red de Brokers Internacioanles de Interinvestments Realty. Esta alianza me permite poder ofrecerle a mis clientes propiedades en desarrollos nuevos o reventas, propiedades comerciales y negocios.
Interinvestments Realty discovers a new wave of buyers from the Middle East!
Every day we are assisting more and more buyers from the Middle East. There is a new market amongst us, a new wave of investors from Saudi Arabia, Dubia, Jordan, Qatar, Kuwait, etc, are discovering South Florida as a place to vacation and invest.
South Florida is attracting buyers for India, Bangladesh and Pakistan!
South Florida real estate market has been for many years one of the most diverse in the United States. Now and in the years to come it will be experiencing significant growth primarily due to the new wave of buyers coming from India, Bangladesh and Pakistan.
Interinvestments Realty assists Buyers from France purchase real estate in South Florida
Interinvestments Realty has assisted many buyers from France purchase their second home and investments properties in South Florida! Now is a great time to buy a new home in South Florida.
Interinvestments Realty quer convidar você a descobrir la Florida!
Agora, O Sul da Flórida está oferecendo uma combinação de estilo de vida de luxo e preços atrativos, que não foram vistos em muitos anos. Nossa empresa ajuda a compradores nacionais e internacionais a que sua experiência de compra seja sem esforço e com um processo muito agradável. AGORA é o momento certo ... Não houve um melhor momento para comprar uma propriedade no sul da Flórida!
Chinese are Discovering the South Florida Real Estate Market!
South Florida has attracted buyers from all over the world! Recently we have noticed an increase of Chinese buyers interested in investing and buying second homes in South Florida. We are very excited to be part of this new market and will be working hard to assist them!
Venezolanos siguen comprando inmuebles en la Florida!
Venezolanos siempre han comprado en el Sur de la Florida y ahora mas que nunca. Con la bajada de los precios del mercado inmobiliario, los Venezolanos an aprovechado y comprado mas propiedades. Ahora mismo la Florida ofrece excelentes oportunidades para adquirir bienes inmuebles.
International Buyers in South Florida
Developers offering prime locations at attractive prices for their New Developments. Foreign Buyers are purchasing New Condos in South Florida under a new purchase model.
Nuestros clientes Argentinos invierten en Miami!
Nuestros Clientes Argentinos aprovechan los precios bajos en Miami!!
Interinvestments Realty promotes South Florida real estate to the India market!
India, bangladesh and Pakistan is exciting markets for us. We see limitless opportunities in promoting South Florida real estate to this new market.