Become the Top Listing Agent in any Community is the Nuts and Bolts of Farming. Our Training and Database app will allow you to become the top listing agent in any community!

The program includes:

  • How to choose a profitable area to farm.
  • How to plan a farming campaign.
  • The cardinal rule on how to get information that counts.
  • How to store information in farm maps and a database.
  • The most effective (and cheapest) give-away.
  • The different types of contact in farming.
  • Information on direct mail and how to cut costs.
  • Postcards and what to say on them.
  • Flyers with “Flash”

Interinvestments Realty offers:

  • A 3 day seminars Farming and Listing Presentation Seminars
  • An intranet personalized database on the agent’s selected area.
  • Protected selected farm areas.
  • Barcode printing on direct mail.
  • Assistance on forming an individual newsletter.
  • Continuing assistance on a one-to-one basis.