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Interinvestments Realty is a family owned and operated business based in South Florida. Its principal, Emilio Jose Cardenal, a second generation real estate broker, runs the company with one key vision; provide Foreign Clients a place where they can receive the support they need to build a real estate portfolio on a solid foundation.

The Cardenal family emigrated from Nicaragua in 1979, came to the US and created a real estate business to provide a full service solution, so other families who lived abroad can acquire real estate in the US as a strategy for wealth conservation.

The United States has always been one of the most desirable places in the world to own real estate and start up a business. Its stable government, strong economy, secure property laws and low taxes make it very attractive.

Florida is one of the fastest growing States in the US. Many think it is due to its warm climate, palm trees and beautiful beaches that make South Florida one of best places to vacation or live year round. At Interinvestments Realty we believe the growth has been due mainly because the way Floridians have welcomed so many hardworking families that have immigrated into the US to live and enjoy the American dream.


Emilio Jose Cardenal

CEO - Broker

Maria Andrea Cardenal

Chief Financial Officer

Javier Cardenal

Commercial Director

Fabricio Duarte

Sales Manager & Trainer

Santa Lombardi

Sales Manager & Trainer

Salman Ali

Research and Development

Lydia Cardenal

Property Manager

Regina Cardenal

Property Manager

Lorna Jaquez

Private Client Relations Manager

Maria Luisa Urtecho

Office Manager

Andres Cardenal

Closing Department

Anaisa Nunez

Assistant Office Manager

Dinangely Carrasco

Assistant Office Manager


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Our Family Values

We believe investing in real estate is a strategy for wealth and financial independence. Interinvestments Realty is a family owned business with the core values of service and integrity. We have created an efficient platform to assist you in building and managing a portfolio of properties. Tell us about your goals? Consult with our team of multilingual consultants to discuss your real estate needs.


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