1 Hotel & Homes   Great places are defined by their moments of undisturbed nature. Incredible locations where we build cities just to stay a little longer. For us, nature makes the place. It’s what we remember wherever we go. The one thing that draws us together, defining how we build and interact. We feel both calm and excitement in its presence. Providing the space to be alone, but also to gather. We don’t necessarily notice nature’s presence, but we can always feel its absence. These factors brought us to create a new way to develop a place that feels like home. Bringing in the outside world with non-artificial textures, materials and ways of doing business. Creating a place where the surrounding world seamlessly flows into the lobby and down the hallways. At 1 Hotel & Homes we seek to understand the complex relationship between people and a place and make it the guiding force of everything we do. 1 is the Nature of a Place. -   CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO

Beach House 8   Choosing one thing or the other is boring.So let’s mix it up. In a cocktail of contrasts. And a fusion of flavors.Where the old meets the new. Or the night meets the day.Welcome to a place blended not built. Out of cool city rhythms.And warm ocean tides. That buzzes and hums. As life ebbs and flows. Welcome to harmony. To the best of both worlds.Where style matches substance. And happiness grows.Welcome to the world of Beach House 8. In shared outdoor and lobby areas, elements from wood-paneled drawing rooms to decking finished in Teak, from natural-fiber banquettes to dark-blue mosaic tiling in the pool, from the garden waterfall to the airy 14-foot ceilings at the entry—combined with a full suite of concierge services appropriate for cosmopolitan living—all create an atmosphere of both understated elegance and contemporary informality. Just right for where the city meets the beach. -   CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO